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High Pressure Oxygen Enriched Generator Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Beauty Equipment HIO2


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What is hyperbaric oxygen?
The body is in a hyperbaric environment to breathe pure oxygen at the same pressure as the environment, which is called hyperbaric oxygen. Breathing pure oxygen at more than one atmosphere pressure is called hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It can eliminate fatigue, improve body resistance, help beauty and beauty, prevent the occurrence of geriatric diseases, and improve sub-health status.

Adapt to the crowd: body easily fatigued, work out, working overtime and staying up late, insomnia patients, student population, beauty, loving skincare crowd, socializing drunk, middle-aged and elderly, sub-healthy population.

Israeli scientists reverse aging in human trials for the first time
1. Increase the partial pressure of oxygen in the body. The hyperbaric chamber can be raised to 30kpa.
2. Increase blood oxygen saturation. Oxygen intake is equivalent to more than 2 times that of normal breathing. 3. Increase the oxygen diffusion distance in the body. Use the flow of lymph to increase blood flow.


Product name Hyperbaric oxygen chamber
Oxygen Transmission Pipe 12MM
Air & O2 Automatic Control System pressured the charmber by air at 135L/min within 1 min; booster mixed 90%
Also can adjust according to your requirement
Outlet Oxygen, Air
Charmber Material TPU
Power 1250W
Maximum working pressure 35kpa