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How To Use Derma Roller For Hair Treatment?

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Dermaroller For Hair Treatment

Preparation: Before you begin using the Derma Roller For Hair Treatment, wash and dry your hands and the area to be treated with soap and water thoroughly. Clean your treatment table with disinfectant and then prepare the following items:
– Derma Roller System in 0.5mm
– 1ml of Minoxidil 5% (available at your local pharmacy)
– Clean towel
– Half a glass of disinfectant: rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide (only required once per week)

How To Apply:
1.After showering and washing your scalp each day, dry with a clean towel.
2.Roll the Derma Roller gently over the area you wish to treat in one direction only one time (not back and forth).
3.Apply 1ml of Minoxidil 5% to balding/thinning area and massage into scalp thoroughly. Note: If you notice the scalp flaking after several days, rub the flaking skin away when shampooing your hair.
4.Treat only once per day, up to 5 times per week.dermaroller hair treatmentdermaroller instructionHow To Use The Derma Roller System

Dermaroller For Hair – Care of your Derma Roller

After you have finished using your Derma Roller, rinse the device under hot water. You will need to disinfect your Derma Roller once a week by standing it head first in half a glass of disinfectant (rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide) for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour (no longer). Then, remove the Derma Roller from the cup and shake off any excess liquid. Place the Derma Roller on its side on a clean towel to dry. When it is completely dry, store the Derma Roller back into the original case provided. Try to keep the case as clean as possible and stored in somewhere safe.

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