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I3 4 in 1 cavitation, RF with vacuum photon Facial Equipment

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I3 4 in 1 cavitation, RF with vacuum photon Facial Equipment

Multipolar and Bipolar RF with Vacuum
The update Multipolar RF delivers thermal energy deep into derma layer,and involves applying electromagnetic waves toreturn physiological proceses.It offer effective reatment results in cellulite,body sculpting and collagen regeneration.

The principle is based on the increase in the equivalent attenuation coefficient of the tissue in the presence of the bubbles created by cavitation.
The ultrasound affects fat cells at greater epth the RF reatment via a thermal and cavitation effect.

1. cavitation slimming machine Bipolar RF with Photon
2. cavitation slimming machine Bipolar with Vacuum
3. cavitation slimming machine Multipolar with Vacuum with Photon
4. cavitation slimming machine 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation

1) Cellutite and fat reduction
2) Body reshaping
3) Promote metabolism
4) Collagen regenation
5) Wrikle improving
6) Face lifting

Multipolar with Vacuum with Photon
*Specialized dynamic vibration function
*Easy to use technical motions
*Red LED technology
*Updated Multipolar RF technology

40K Ultrasonic Cavitation
*Powerful cavitation effect from generators
*Guarranteed treatment results
*Operation signal light function

Bipolar with Vacuum
*Dramatic result for facial lifting
*Dynmic& Strong vibration function
*Effective facial lymphatic drainage


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