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IB-9106 Ultrasonic–Facial Care, Eye Care, Breast Beauty, Waist Slimming

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IB-9106 Ultrasonic–Facial Care, Eye Care, Breast Beauty, Waist Slimming

1)Ultrasonic helps to discolor, and reduce the damaged area.
2)Use the ultrasonic vibration, dispel acnes,whiten the skin.
3)Beautify the skin,improve the quality of the skin,Enhance skin elastic and transparent.
4)Diminish inflammation, remove acnes and heal up wounds, tint acne sores and scars.
5)It accelerates the partial blood circulation, improves the metabolism.

Treatment and beauty function:
Advantage by means of supersonic together with some ointment.
Large scope: supersonic suits all kinds of ointment and cream, say ionisation substance,oceanic material.
Deep absorption: improve the absorption of the ointment or cream. thickness of the ointment or cream does no limit to the decomposing. It doesn’t affect the intensity and time. It is safe without any electricity burning or stimulating.
Simply operation, it is better to use some sticky ointment or cream.

Beauty function of supersonic:
Soften thrombus and remove red eruption
Remove scar or scab
Eliminate abnormal skin pigment:
Eliminate hypodermic speck and pigment:
Remove slight wrinkles and gore as well as lifting skin
Cure tumefaction or scar
Cure sclerosis and rough skin
Improve the skin nature

Voltage: AC 110V 220V 230V 240V
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Power: 30W
Meas: 55X38X20CM
G.W.: 6.1KG


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