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NM-1009 9 in 1 Multifunctional Machine, Professional Beauty Device

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NM-1009 Multifunctional Instrument high frequency spray vacuum

ITEM No: NM-1009

High Frequency
I . Principle of High Frequency
High frequency function is made up from high frequency electrical board, capacitances and semiconductors. The accessory include high frequency probe and glass tubes. There is a transformer inside the high frequency probe for voltage rising. At one side of the high frequency probe, there is a electrical wire, when connect it to the instrument and start working, because of the working of high frequency electrical board, there is generation of intermittent current, which is high voltage and frequency. This kind of high frequency current can make glass electrode discharge. Inside the glass electrode, there is full of helium gas and neon gas, which can generate blue or pink light and coming with a sound like cheep. The light can make blood vessel expand and shrink, ionize the oxygen to ozone, in this way to improve blood circulation, get the effectiveness of sterilization and diminish inflammation.

II. Function of High Frequency
1.Accelerate the blood circulation, strengthen lymph action, supply nutrition to skin, get ride of toxic substance.
2.Speed circulation of cell metabolism, help skin breaths and excretes.
3.Bring heat to skin fibre, improve skin condition, help nutrition go into the skin
4.To sterilize and diminish inflammation, promote the wound to heal up, and strengthen skin immunity.

III. Operation Step and Method
1 Indirect electrotherapeutics
(1)After sterilization, insert glass tube to the high frequency probe screw it tightly;
(2) Time , intensity (see panel diagram 1/2/17/18);
(3) Client put talcum powder on the hand then hold the glass tube, start the instrument and let the current go through body by hand;
(4) Beautician make massage to client, from neck to chin, to Cheek, then forehead;
(5) Adjust current intensity to zero, power off the instrument and screw out glass tube.
This method can stimulate fibre tissue, keep and recover the elasticity of skin. It is good for shrivel skin and effete skin.

2. Direct electrotherapeutics
(1) Time , intensity (see panel diagram 1/2/17/18);
(2) Spread nutrition liquid or face cream on the skin, beautician hold the probe, put glass tube on the forehead, start the instrument;
(3) Use the glass tube to massage face in a helix or “z” way, and operation sequence like follows: forhead->nose bridge->nose wing->right cheek->chin->left cheek->nosewing->nosebridge->forhead;
(4) Adust the current intensity to zero, powr off the instrument, screw out glass tube This method can make nutrition completely go into the skin, dissolve skin fat. It is good for oily skin.

3. Spark electrotherapy
(1) Use sterilized cotton patch to cover client’s eyes, beautician hold high frequency probe, start the instrument, adjust current intensity Apply on the inflamed part, the treatment time should not be more than 10 seconds
(2) when glass tube touch the skin, there is spark. It is normal whe your skin get the feeling of acmesthesia.
(3)Adust the electrical current intensity to zero, powr off the instrument, screw out glass tube. This method can make strong effectiveness of sterilization accelerate to heal up the wound. It is good to cure tumefaction, inflammation and injured skin.

IV. Tips and taboo
1. When make treatment to tender skin with the method of spark electrotherapy, should use a thin voile to cover the skin, let electrical current penetrate to the skin through voile, in this way can reduce the stimulation to skin from electrical current
2. It is forbidden to make treatment to The peoplewho is pregnant or there is metal inside the body
3. Before operation, please put in the glass tube first then start the machine, the electrical current be adjusted from weak to strong. If finish the operation, the electrical current should adjust to zero.
4. Before operation,should use wet cotton clothes cover the eyes of client or ask client to close eyes. When make spark electrotherapy, the treatment time should not continuously more than 10 seconds for a part
5. The treatment should not apply to fleck and splash of the skin.

Ultrasonic instrument has two kinds of waves:
1. Continuous wave: this kind of wave is continuous and the intensity is fixed. This kind of wave is uniform and the effection of heat is obvious.
2. Pulse wave: this kind of wave is intermittent. The time of pulsing is very short.

Ultrasonic functions:
The ultrasonic function is suitable for any problem skin, with simple and easy operation, it is the common instrument among esthetical professionals. The ultrasonic functions can help the human body absorb the supersonic,
transfer the sound energy into heat energy. It provides stimulation for human skin, accelerates the metabolism, circulates the blood and lymphatic, activates the deep inside cell and improves the defense system.
(1) The ultrasonic helps to discolor, and reduce the damaged area.
(2) Because of its massage effect, it helps the skin to absorb nutritions.
(3) It accelerates the partial blood circulation, improves the metabolism.
(4) It dissolves hypodermic fat, accelerates the absorption, causes to discompose the agglomerated excessive water and fat, improve the situation of lower blepharoplasty and dark circles
(5) It heals acne skin.

Operation Procedures:
1. Sterilize untrasonic probes, power on the machine;
2. Clean and steam face, smear skin care products;
3. Choose proper probe according to different operation part;
4. During the operation moving slowly in sprial;
5. After the operation put the probe back, turn off the machine.

1. Clean and smear skin care products are necessary before applying to ultrasonic caring;
2. The operation time should be less than 15 mins for face, and choose proper intensity according to the skin nature;
3. Sensitive skin should be operated with low intensity.

Ultrasonic eye care
Effect: Remove eye black oribt and pouches
1.Connect machine with power supply and power on the machine;
2. Choose the eye probe and connect to the main machine;
3. Smear essence or gel with function of lighten black oribt and eye pouches removing;
4. Press the probe choosing button , choose eye probe;
Press the time control button , operation time 2 mins;
Press the intensity control button , choose proper intensity;
Choose wave by pressing ;
5. Start to work after the setting.

Operation Method
Each eye for one minute, moving the probe from left to right along eye pouch.

Ultrasonic facial care
Effect: Whiten and water skin, remove spot and fine wrinkles.

1.Connect machine with power supply and power on the machine;
2. Choose the eye probe and connect to the main machine;
3. Smear essence or gel with the function of whiten/water/lighten spot.
4. Press the probe choosing button , choose face probe;
Press the time control button , operation time 8 mins;
Press the intensity control button , choose proper intensity;
Choose wave by pressing ;
5. Start to work after the setting.

Galvanic enhances theability of active molecules to penetratethe skin surface. Its benefits are wide and far-reaching: it increases the skins absorption capacity , it minimizes wrinklesand itnormalizes skin. Electronegative &positive chargeand hydroniumare in use of a kind of concatenation & safetyto conducting in& out. Deep penetration of active Substances with special appliance for iontophoresis anddesincrustaion.

Operation procedures:
1.Plug in the power wire, idler wheel, and metal stick separately. Beautician holds the idler wheel and client clasp the metal stick.
2.Choose proper intensity.
3.Choose the positive / negative according to the clients’ need. When the button refer to +, then idler wheel is positive, metal stick is negative. At this time the operator can smear some cream on the skin. When the button refer to – , the idler wheel is negative and the metal stick is positive. The operator can use a mass cotton paper disinfected with distilled water and bundle with idler wheel. Gently touch the clients’ face with idler wheel. Conducting in&out can deeply clean clients’ skin and remove oil, residues with good effect.
4.Note: when the positive indicator is on, the output port is choose proper workhead to connect withit according theoperation part; when the negative indicator is on, the output port is choose proper workhead to connect withit according theoperation part;
5.After the operation turn off and disinfect.

1.The skin which is allergy, injured can not use this.
2.The people with heart disease and pregnant women should not be applied to treatment.
3.The cotton should be wet.
4.Before the operation the instrument should be cleaned.
5.The instrument should be put in the dry place.
6.Before the operation, the operator and the client should remove the metal.
7.Choose the appropriate skin care products..

Working principle
Making use of the rotary brush with high speed for scrub both on face and body to improve the skin by removing spot, wrinkles and aged surface. Because it’s different from the medical treatment, as this rotary brush with accessories can offer you for gentle exfoliation and delicate stimulation in a safer way, which will give your client a radiant complexion with no harm to the skin.

1. No side-effect and won’t leave scar and spot on the skin surface;
2. Do notaffect dailywork and sociallife;
3. Can beused on allkinds of skin

Operation Instruction:
1. Connect thebrush and thehandgrip to themainframe;
2. Choosing dif ferent brushes according to the skin nature;
3. Turn on the machine, adjust the intensity ;
4. The operation time is about 15~20 minutes;
5. Turn off the power after finished and sterilize the brush.

In one to two days after the treatment, please pay attention to the tips as follows:
1. Do not do facial or shave;
2. Do not go to the hot and public place after the treatment, such as Sauna,
hot smoke, etc.

I. Basic principle of vacuum
When air pump working, it can use vacuum to suck out the dirty things in the skin. The air pump make strong air circulation, connect the spray bottle to the vent hole, then can spray cosmetic water. We can adjust the vacuum
intensity according to specific situation.

II. Function of vacuum and spray
(1).Remove dirty things in the skin, give the skin a fresh breath. Stimulate the skin organization, strengthen the tenderness of skin.
(2).Accelerate the blood circulation, lead blood to scarfskin, supply nutrition to the skin, promote lymphatic circulation, drain out toxin inside the skin.
(3).The spray function can evenly spray cosmetic water on the skin and make the skin absorb it very well, to help shrink the pore.

III. Main tools
Alcohol cotton, cotton stick, sterile cotton, cosmetic water, vacuum instrument and its accessory

IV.Operation procedure
1. Vacuum
(1). Connect the sterilized glass tube to the pipe
(2) Start the machine and feel the suction intensity on the back o f hand, adjust the intensity according to specific demand.
(3).There are three ways to make vacuum: discontinuous vacuum, continuous vacuum, strong vacuum.When make treatment to the oily skin, hard and skin, need use much stronger vacuum. When make treatment to xeransis skin, sensitive skin, senile skin, need much lighter vacuum.
A. Discontinuous vacuum. During operation, the middle finger should cover and release on the small vent hole of glass tube in a frequent and rhythm way. The vacuum should be not too strong. This kind of operation is better to treat tender skin, loose skin and thin skin.
B. Continuous vacuum. The middle finger cover the small vent hole of glass tube, and move together with the tube for a while then release the finger. The vacuum need much stronger. This kind of operation is better to treat oily
skin, hard and thick skin.
C. Strong vacuum. The middle finger cover the vent hole of glass tube and don’t release, put the tube mouth on the skin, suck and release on the skin frequently. The vacuum intensity need strong. This kind of operation is better to treat oily skin, such parts as nose tip, nose side and the parts with comedones.

2. Spray
Connect the plastic pipe with the spray bottleuse middle finger and thumb to hold the bottle, use first finger to press air hole of the bottle, in this way to form air pressure inside of the bottle and then spray water mist. The
beautician hold the spray bottle, spray the client from forehead to face, in this way can avoid water spray into nares.

V Operation Notice
(1) Should not move the vacuum tube too slow, should not vacuum at a part for too long time
(2)According to client’s skin nature to adjust the suction intensity, should try it on the hand back at first, then apply to the face part.
(3)Should match with the steamer to make the treatment.
(4)Around the eyes, the skin is too thin, should not apply the vacuum.
(5)Before spray , please ask the client close the eyes, and the spray direction is from forehead to mandible.

Function: Accelerate blood circulation and support cell water. Expand pore and deeply clean. Remove aging horniness and grime. Diminish inflammation and sterilize wound.Improve skin metabolism and rejuvenation epidermis cell. Herbal function can curing skin problem . Time and Distance: The treatment time and distance between spray spout and client’s face should be adjusted according to the nature of skin.
(1).Neutral Skin: distance—-25cm~30cm; time (ozone steam)- —3~5 minutes
(2).Greasy Skin: distance—-20cm~25cm; time (ozone steam)- —5~8 minutes
(3).Sore Skin: distance—-20cm~25cm; time (ozone steam)—- 8~10 minutes
(4).Dry Skin: distance—-30cm~35cm; time (ozone steam)—-3 minutes
(5).Sensitive Skin: distance—-35cm; time (normal steam)—- 5~8 minutes
(6).Spot Skin: distance—-30cm~35cm; time (normal steam)— -5~8 minutes
(7).Telangiectasis Skin: distance—-20cm~25cm; time (normal steam)—-5~8 minutes For all the treatment with ozone, the total time should be within 10 to 15 minutes. Please don’t do it over 15 minutes.

Notice: Please don’t adjust the energy more than level 10th, unless on the condition that the voltage is not enough for 220V or the vapor is very less. Otherwise it will incur the water to spout out from the steamer.


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