NV-T101 Portable IPL machine, permanent hair removal with IPL lamp


NV-T101 Portable ipl machine, permanent hair removal with ipl lamp

What’s IPL?
IPL is the abbreviation of intense pulsed light.
IPL is the kind of broad spectrum, varied wavelength with intense plused light. Which exposure to skin’s surface directly, selective effect on subcutaneous abnormal pigment and abnormal vascular.It will abnormal pigment cell decomposition, close abnormal capillary. Meanwhile, intense pulsed light is to absorbed collagen moisture and to producethermal effect. Finally stimulating the proliferation of collagen and made the rearrangment of collagenous tissue, achieving the purpose of skin rejuvenation,wrinkle removal and blood vessel removal.

1. IPL Skin Rejuvenation
2. Remove epidermal Igmentation
3. Painless Hair Removal
4. Vascular and Acne Removal
5. IPL Skin Tightening
6. Promotes the Skin Elasticity
7. Skin Lightening
8. Pigmentation Removal


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