V7 Digital Tattoo Equipment Permanent Makeup Temporary Use For PMU & MTS Machine

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Tattoo machine Semi Permanent Makeup machine tattoo Device PMU Machine Artmex V7

ARTMEX impresses with its elegant simplicity. The new device with a simple design is technically at its finest. It is equipped with the low-vibration hand piece.
With the new device V7 you can make cosmetic and medical pigmentations, as well as anti-aging treatments. Pigments are implanted into the top layer of skin through the puncture of the needle during pigmentation. Due to the adjustable needle punctures per sec, it is possible to treat on problem skin easily too.

Control unit with LCD display
Infinitely variable needle punctures per second (in 5 steps), 50-150 strokes
Vibration-free hand piece
Build-in hand piece holder
Needle length individually adjustable
Working with or without foot pedal possible
Compatible with the lift MESO hygiene modules
Ideal for problem skin in cosmetic and medical area

Semi permanent makeup machine:
Low pain/noise/operating temperature
Dual function MTS/permanent make up
Micro-pigmentation device

Permanent makeup machine:
1. Two hand pieces can be operated at the same time; speed can be adjusted independently.
2. The holder is equipped with induction setting:the machine will pause working automatically
while the handpiece on the holder,and restart working while off.
3. Standard motor for micropigmentation, powerful and strong.
4. Specially tailored needles for PMU, steady movement with no shaking.
5. Fine needle tips, free operating as wish. 10 levels of digital speed controller.

– Full metal brushed appearance´╝îfashion design´╝îdurable and practical.
– Suitcase-style device, convenient carrying.
– IC processor chips, using a program-controlled.
– Stable power supply of-PWM method.
– Precision work to facilitate movement of the needle straight.
– Precision machining the end of the needle used.
– Type one-touch controls on the remote control mode (step 21 speed).
– There is no strain on your wrist and light handpiece (for prolonged use OK).
– One-touch speed level conversion.

– Smooth and quiet, German powerful rotary motor.
– Full disposable needle cartridge, manual-made needle, full aseptic operation.
– Adjustable needle puncture depth.
– Quiet design, low vibration.
– Replace different needles according to different needs.
– A variety of PMU and MTS needles are available.Provide customized services.
– Easy adjustment needle length.
– There is no strain on your wrist and light handpiece (for prolonged use OK).
– Handpiece of the pigment in the blood and there is no residual.
– Handpiece satisfying sense of the contemporary design (ergonomic grip design).

Permanent make up system(PMU)
Pre-programmed for 4 different body parts:
1. eye brow. 2. eye line. 3. lips. 4. areola.
Adjustment speed.
Record working hours

Microneedle therapy system (MTS)
Needle length tips for face,then adjust on the pen according to your needs.
Adjustment speed.
Record working hours

Pcaking Detail
Packing Size: 36 *27 *33 cm
G.W.: 3.5 kg
N.W.: 2.72 kg

Carton:Size /Quantity /G.W.
36 *27 *33cm /1pc /4kg
66 *34 *36cm /6pc /22.5kg

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